A message from composer Michael Dobinson:

I indicate today (March 9 2011) that I have coined the term electracoustmatic to describe the work I do combining purely electronic, sample acoustic and acoustic musical sources. I claim this for google seems to not be able to find matches for the term at the time I am writing this (11:25am EST, March 9 2011 (whatever calendar it is that claims this is 2011 ... Gregorian or something. I'm an electracoustmatician, not some calendar historitician or whatever calendar studiers are called; what am I some entymologist (assuming that's a person who studies words, and if it's not I meant whatever the real word for word-orinistic studytists are)?)), as demonstrated HERE!

Remember, you heard electracoustmatic from me first.

Me, the premier electracoustmatician ... premier by dint of being the first and thus only electracoustmatician there is, was or ever shall be.

Also, I'm the only one who can bestow the term electracoustmatician on others. Because I say so it is so and so I say making it so.

For more information on the only electracoustmatician in the world, go to mrde-music.ca.

And yes, I know - I SHOULD update more often.

Nov. 16 2013, 4pm
I'll again be performing in Stratford, on November 16 2013 at 4pm in Zion Lutheran Church.

As a part of mmmm Composers in Concert's 2013 "Voices" season, I'll be presenting two new works. There's still some question of either WHAT works will be performed, and/or the titles of the works, so check back for more details soon. Tentaive information is::

TITLE TBA for voice, piano and live electronics

Water Purification Process Are In Effect for electronics
Cassandra for piano, organ, disembodied voice and electronics

May. 4, 2013
I performed two new electrocoustmatic works in Stratford on Saturday May 4 2013 at 7:30pm in Zion Lutheran Church.
The works were:

COMMUTATION for piano, organ and electronics
i: Prelude : Georgetown : Winter In The Trees
ii : Toccata : Halton Sub : Blowing Snow
iii : Postlude : Bramalea : Gray Slush

... or leave our bones upon them for voice, percussion and electronics

Nov. 3, 2012 4pm
I performed two new electrocoustmatic works,in Stratford on Saturday November 3 2012 at 4pm in Zion Lutheran Church. The works were:
The Wreck of the Nancy for piano, electronics and organ
i. the Waters of Manitoulin
ii. the Adventures of the Nancy
iii. Lake of Ice
iv. Rising Storm
v. the Waters of the Nottawasaga
vi. Immolation
vii. Nancy Island

Three Littoral Nocturnes for piano and electronics
1. Tippecanoe River, 8-9 November 1811 (piano and electronics)
2. Stoney Creek, 6 June 1813 (electronics)
3. Niagara River, 15 August 1814 (electronics)

These pieces were presented as part of mmmmConcert's War of 1812 Bicentenary Season programming. I hope more of my loyal site visitors can come out for other mmmm shows in future. More ticket sales, and I can retire from the day job and do more music.

May. 12, 2012 8pm
I presented two new electracoustmatic works on May 12/2012 as part of MMMMConcert's programming for 2012:

     The Inundation of Crysler's Farm for electronics, piano and organ
     Brock's Monuments for electronics, flute, voice, piano and organ

May show details were:

MMMMConcerts presents ...
The 1812 Bicentenary Season Show 1
May 12 2012 7:30pm
Zion Lutheran Church
202 Erie Street (Erie St. and St. David St.), Stratford ON.

Nov. 12, 2011 8pm
Zion Lutheran Church
202 Erie St.
Stratford Ontario

I slacked for this show; I'll just did one new electracoustmatic piece and some mere acoustic stuff.

Show details were:
May 28, 2011 8pm
Saturday May 28 2011 8pm
St. Paul's Anglican Church
Douro and Wellington St. S
Stratford Ontario

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